January 12, 2010

Management Skills

Management Skills Training

As I mentioned in the preamble to the Leadership section of this site, there seems to be s definite trend these days to shy away from being called a Manager and a desire to be called a Leader.

I however believe that what the world needs more than ever today are really great managers as they are the people that make things happen. There are just too many people wanting to lead and not getting down to the basics of management and that is when things go south and fall apart.

No matter how strategically one thinks and visualizes a direction without the people actually doing the work and managers’ ensuring the implementation nothing really happens. This after all is what people want, what they pay good money for, who they vote for, who they look up to – The people that make things happen – i.e. The Managers.

Now clearly there are Bad Managers (I call them Damagers), Mediocre Managers (I call them Oxygen Thieves), Good Managers, Master Managers and Then there are The SSB’s (Super Successful Bosses). Its the last one we should all be aspiring to become and training ourselves and out staff (Supervisors, Junior and Middle Managers) to master the skills that will get us to that most sought after title and recognition.

I have developed a series of Management Workshops that enable delegates to understand, learn and apply the skills necessary to master the art of Management. Not only do these workshops enable them to become Master Managers but it also sets them up to progress beyond this and become SSB’s.

Details and outlines of these workshops are available on my Events site where you will also be able to view the schedules of the public courses.

If however you want me to run these courses for you in-house please contact me directly.