January 12, 2010

Leadership Skills


I often marvel at the trend over the last 5 years when people have become obsessed with being called Leaders rather than Managers. It’s almost as if the new age of political correct language has crept into the realm of business and the thing to do is find new names for everything.

My surprise at this aspiration to be a leader is further compounded by the fact that of the 6 most widely recognised True Leaders in the world over the last century – 3 have been assassinated (Mahatma Ghandi, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jnr.) – One spent 27 years in prison (Nelson Mandela) – One was fired from his Position (Winston Churchill) and One spent 90% of her life in the slums (Mother Teresa). Not exactly what most people would see as a goal to aim for?

I am generally one of those people who believe that True Leaders are Born and Not Made. But that does not mean that all the others cannot aspire to learning and developing Leadership Skills. I believe that once one has mastered the management Skills that can be easily learnt and applied one then can lean and apply many of the Leadership skills and people who achieve this status I believe fall into the category of SSB’s (Super Successful Bosses).

It is with this in mind that I have developed a 3 day workshop examining the 15 different Quotients that enable great managers becoming SSB’s and achieving the coveted status of Leaders.

Please see below the outline of this workshop:

The 15 Q’s of Leadership

Take this quick 2 minute test – if you score more than 80% then this Workshop is Not For You
If however you scored less than 8/10 for any, a few or many of these Quotients then book now to secure your place on this 3 day Workshop

The 15 Q’s of Managers, Leaders and SSB

Your Score 0ut of 10

1 = I Q Intelligence Quotient
2 = E Q Emotional Quotient
3 = G Q Generation Quotient
4 = K Q Knowledge Quotient
5 = L Q Listening Quotient
6 = T Q Talk Quotient
7 = A Q Action Quotient
8 =M Q Motivation Quotient
9 = F Q Fun Quotient
10 = R Q Recognition Quotient
11 = C Q Coaching Quotient
12 = D Q Diversity Quotient
13 = B Q Balance Quotient
14 = P Q Personal Quotient
15= SSB Q SSB Quotient














IDEAL AUDIENCE –“Who Should Attend”

  • Managers at all levels
  • Supervisors at all levels
  • Anybody wishing to become a better Manager and or Leader

What’s In It For ME?(What you will gain/learn)

All too often we attend workshops, seminars and conferences and learn about individual elements of what makes a good manager leader

This 3 day workshop/seminar has been specifically designed to allow you to get to grips with all 15 Elements and how to integrate them so that you too can become a “SSB”.

Through the interactive cessions you will have the opportunity to discuss and debate these 15 Quotients and increase your personal measure in each.

It is no longer good enough to be good at one or two of the skills sets that go to make up a SSB. You have to be good (6/10) in at least 8 of the Quotients and very good (8/10) in the other 7.

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to test yourself and point you in the right direction of where to gain the additional knowledge and skills you will need to master to achieve your personal goal

It will also provide you with the practical tool sets that will allow you implement workable actions into your workplace directly after the workshop and  start reaping the rewards immediately.

If however you just want to “Be the Boss” and continually wonder why others are always getting the “Lucky Breaks” – then please Don’t Come to this Seminar’

If, on the other hand, you want to personally make the transition to be a SSB and to make your Department, Division and Business the greatest it can be – Then Book Now!



Welcome Intros and Expectations

1.  I Q  – Intelligence Quotient

  •     What is it
  •     How To Use it
  •    Where it Fits In The Puzzle
  •     Theory vs. Practical

2. E Q – Emotional Quotient

  •     What is It
  •     Why is it Important
  •     Test Your Own
  •    Develop tip for success

3. G Q – Generation Quotient

  • Understanding the Generation Gaps at Work
  • How to work with them all
  • One Style DOES NOT FIT ALL

4. K Q – Knowledge/Know How Quotient

  • What is Knowledge
  • Knowledge – Keeping it Secret
  • Learning Organisations

5.   L Q – Listening Quotient

  • The Lost Talent
  • 6 to 1 rule
  • Active Listening
  • Practical Exercise

6. T Q – Talk Quotient

  • Communication Skills
  • What you say
  • How to say it
  • Meetings
  • Minutes

7.  A Q – Action Quotient

  • What is Action
  • What is Follow Up
  • Project management
  • Delegation/Abdication

End of Day One


8.   M Q – Motivation Quotient

  • What is Motivation
  • Motivators
  • De-motivators
  • Team Motivation
  • Selling vs. Telling

9.   F Q – Fun Quotient

  • Having Fun At Work
  • Familiarity vs. Respect
  • Internal vs. External
  • Costs vs. Consequences

10. R Q – Recognition Quotient

  • Measurement and Big Stick
  • Recognition and Big Reward
  • The Magic wand of Leadership
  • How to Do It
  • Costs
  • Wow Letters

11. C Q – Coaching Quotient

  • Mentoring
  • Sharing
  • Fast Tracking
  • BEE Quota Issues
  • Career Paths
  • Performance Management

12. D Q – Diversity Quotient

  • What is Diversity?
  • Understanding Diversity
  • BEE / Equal Opportunity Etc
  • Handling Diversity Issues At Work

13. B Q – Balance Quotient

  • Evaluation Vs Criticising
  • Respect
  • Development
  • Action Plans
  • Problem Solving Attitude

End of Day Two


14. P Q – Personal Quotient

  • Where are You Now
  • Where do you want to be
  • Are You Coping
  • You Personal Life Plan MAP

15. SB Q – S B Quotient

  • What are You
  • Where do you want to be
  • What it Takes
  • Man vs. Lead. vs. SSB’s

Evaluations and Certificates

Workshop Closure