January 12, 2010



I provide services to Companies – SMME’s and Corporate alike as well as Government and Quasi-Government Departments.

It will also provide direct Mentoring to Individuals who want to progress in a certain direction but cannot find a suitable Mentor in their place of work or environment.

I have been involved in the Mentoring world for the past 34 years as a Mentor, Mentee, Programme Coordinator and I have also trained Mentor Programme Champions, as well as the Mentors and Mentees.

I believe Mentoring is the key to success for both Individuals and Businesses alike and that in South Africa Mentoring is the primary way in which people and business will achieve their goals. No other form of Knowledge and Skills transfer will be able to do this on the scale it is required in South Africa over the next 10 to 20 years.

I do NOT believe in the maxim that Knowledge is Power – but rather in the maxim that the “Passing on, sharing and applying knowledge – is power”

I believe that the core essence of Mentoring was best described by Confucius when he said, “Don’t give them a fish – rather teach them how to fish!”

I look forward to working with you all in this arena.