January 18, 2011


Adolph Kaestner DTM,SdPFA
International Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Author and Mentor
 Past National President – Professional Speakers Association  of Southern Africa 2012/ 2013

What do You, your Staff and your Company Need right Now to:-

Achieve your Personal, Team and Business goals ?

Please let me know so that we can explore how I can help you achieve your dreams.

Motivation, Inspiration and Attitude

Motivational Keynotes
Inspirational Keynotes
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Business Skills
for success
Speaking and Communication Presentation Skills
Supervisory Skill
Management Skills
Leadership Skills
Managers vs. Leaders
Change Management
Personal Self Development for excellent results

Personal Excellence for Success
Personal Mentoring
Group Mentoring
Mentoring Programmes for Business & Org’s
Mentor/Mentee Training 

Being Awarded the Stef du Plessis Founders Award – the highest award presented by the PSASA – April 2015

   Adolph Kaestner (AKA: MentorMan) is an International motivational speaker, trainer, author and mentor.His credentials include 30 years in the corporate trenches in management, leadership, training, marketing, HR and mentoring. He is an expert presentation skills and Personal Development catalyst and mentor.
He started his own business in 1992 and is eminently suited to share both his business and entrepreneurial stories to help your you and your business excel.If you and your teams want to excel, then you should seriously consider using the expertise of Adolph Kaestner.

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