August 15, 2012

Other Costs

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In addition to the Speakers Fee other Costs are incurred with each presentation and these are billed for separately.
These costs are not refundable in the event of cancellations or my refund guarantee as they have invariably already been incurred and cannot be reclaimed.  

These costs usually include:


Motor Travel

Travel cost will be charged where the Presentation Venue is more than 50km from my office in Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg.

The rate per kilometre is R3-50 per km

Air Travel  

All Bookings are for FULL Y-Class (economy) fares. o Unless otherwise agreed all airline bookings will be made and paid for by the client and ticket confirmations furnished to me no later than 72 hours before scheduled departures..

Where no economy class fares can be secured to fall in line with the dates of the event then Business Class fares will be invoked to secure a suitable flight.  

These costs will include all Airport Taxes and Transfer costs.

Excess Baggage  

Where applicable, excess baggage costs for the transportation of equipment and materials will be billed for once the amounts are confirmed  

Car Rental & Local Transport

Where local travel costs are incurred these will be billed as soon as the amounts have been established.


Where I need to be accommodated overnight the accommodation should conform to international 3 star or better ratings.  

I will always require accommodation on a non-sharing basis as I do a lot of preparation /rehearsal which is not possible on a shared basis. • Bookings are to be on a Full Bed, Breakfast and Dinner basis.

Where possible the accommodation should be in the same venue as the presentation.

The Booking of Hotel accommodation will be the clients’ responsibility.

Payments for accommodation need to be billed and settled directly between the client and the hotel.


I usually provide summary information for all keynotes and presentations.

When running workshops and training cessions I usually provide the delegates with workbooks so that they can both follow and retain the material being covered. These workbooks are for your account unless specifically included in the cost of the workshop/training.  


All audio-visual and sound equipment to be provided by client at your costs

I will prefer a cordless Headset or Lapel Microphone 

I will generally always require a Super XGA Data Projector

I usually include music / video in my presentations and therefore need sound systems.   

If I use the PC in the venue I would require a suitable Remote Mouse.

In the event that I provide and use my own Data Projector a fee for usage will be levied at a rate of R500-00 per day.

Cancellation Fees/Costs

All cancellations must be advised to me in writing and confirmed telephonically.

 NIL % of Speakers Fee if cancelled more than 30 days from date.  

25% of Speakers Fee if cancelled less than 21 days from date.  

50% of Speakers Fee if cancelled less than 14 days from agreed date.

Should any specific costs have been incurred for the proposed assignment, these will be invoices for, no matter when cancellation occurs.  

All cancellation fees will become payable as soon as cancellation occurs.


Should it be necessary to change the date and time of the assignment and it is possible for me to accommodate such changes based on other commitments, then this will be accommodated without any additional costs being incurred.  

In the event that I cannot accommodate a request for such a change then the terms of Cancellation Fees/Costs above will apply.

Replacement Speaker

In the event that I cannot present the agreed assignment, due to ill health, accident, flight delays etc, I will do everything in my power to find a suitable replacement speaker at the same rates as agreed with me.  

In the event of this not being possible a full refund of All Fees paid to me will be made.

 All costs incurred for accommodation and travel will however still be for the clients account unless the reason for my not appearing is due to bad planning or negligence on my side.