August 15, 2012

My Fee Structure

Adolph P Kaestner  – 2016 Fee Structure e-Mail:  Tel:- 082-493-9093  or 011- 794-5352

Please note that these are my Standard Fees
Should you however have special circumstances that require special terms please contact me so that we can reach a negotiated win/win arrangement.

These Fees are for Southern African Assignments Only.
Fees for assignments in Countries outside of Southern Africa will be confirmed at the time of such enquiries.

Additional Costs: All fees quoted below EXCLUDE Costs


I do 6 Free presentation a year for deserving non-profit organisations

I decide who will receive these free presentations based on information received.

Free presentations exclude any costs that may have to be incurred for travel, accommodation etc- these will be for the organisations account.

Keynotes and Conference Presentations Speakers Fee

These are based on a One Hour Long Presentation Time

New Tailor Made and Customised Speech/ Presentation – R15,000 

Re-worked presentation from existing material – R 12,000

The decision of what rate to charge for any one event will rest with me and I reserve the right to amend these fees as I see fit.

Consultancy Fee

Consulting Fee is calculated on an Hourly Basis of R 900 Per hour

There will however be a Minimum Consultancy Charge of R 3,600-00 irrespective if the Consultation took less that 4 hours or not.

Workshop and Seminar Fee / Facilitator Fee

Half Day Workshop / Seminar  – usually 3 to 4 hours
Depending on Customisation Required – R 9,000 

Full Day Workshop / Seminar  – usually 8 hours
Depending on Customisation Required –  R 14,000

Conference Chairman Fee

One Day Only — R5, 000 for the day.

Meeting Chairman and MC (Master of Ceremonies) Fee

This Fee is calculated on an Hourly Basis of R 600-00 Per hour

There will however be a Minimum Charge of R 2, 400-00 irrespective if the assignment on takes more that 4 hours or not.

Public Seminars and Workshops

These fees are normally calculated on a Cost per Delegate basis and are determined at the time of each such event. – Usually around R1,850 per day per delegate

Details are made available in the event literature.

Out of Town and Foreign Travel Days Fee

A fee of R 1,000 per day is payable to cover travel days when travel is not available or suitable on event days

 Mentoring Fees

1. Virtual Mentoring –. 

This is mentoring over the internet Chat rooms, e-Mail , Skype Chat and or Skype Video.etc

The fee for this is R 600 per month with a minimum 6 month agreement (i.e. R 3,600) and entitles you to 2 hours of Virtual Mentoring per month.

Additional hours are at a rate of R 250 per hour. 4. This fee is payable up front for the full period.

2. Group Mentoring

I sometimes have two or more Mentees requiring mentoring on the same issue at the same time.

In that case I sometimes run a group mentoring session for up to 8 people and charge R 250 per hour per person for such sessions.

Fees are payable on a session for session basis. (PS- These are only run is there are 4 or more mentees per session)

3. Face to Face Mentoring  

This is one-on one private session mentoring and the fee for this is R800 per month for the first 2 hours and all additional hours at R350 per hour.

As in Virtual Mentoring there is a minimum 6 month agreement (i.e. R4,800 for the first 12 Hours) for the base mentoring and this is payable up front as well.

Where the mentoring requires many hours work then we can make special arrangements for fees and payment.

4. Ad Hoc Mentoring

This is for people just wanting to discuss an issue on an ad-hoc basis and as a once off. 2. The fees for this are R 500 per hour.

5. Public Seminars/Workshops.

From time to time I run public seminars /workshops on different subjects which often form part of the Mentees learning needs.  

All Mentees that I am working with can attend these sessions at a 30% discount in fees.

The costs of these public workshops are usually around R1, 850 per day so the saving to you will be about R 600 per day.