January 12, 2011

Who Is Adolph

Adolph Kaestner is a professional motivational speaker, trainer and mentor who specialises in helping other people excel.

He’s passionate about teaching others how to realise their unique potential and live the life they were meant to.

At school he soon realised that he’d been blessed with an outstanding voice, an ability to speak in public, an ability to captivate an audience, an ability to lead people, an ability to see the positive in all situations, an ability to find solutions, an ability to motivate others and most important, an ability to laugh at himself. He applied these talents to full effect in his business career.

Adolph started speaking and training professionally in 1992. – First on a part time basis then full time since 2002.

With more than 38 years of business experience and 2 000 ++ speeches and learning interventions under his belt, Adolph is eminently qualified to help other people excel.

His hard-won business experience was earned in the banking trenches … with 30 years in the banking giant, First National Bank. He worked his way up the ranks; holding Senior Manager positions in Human Resources at First National Industrial Bank, Marketing and New Product Development, WesBank Marketing and Sales and Service at WesBank First Auto. He ended his illustrious banking career as Head of the Bank’s Web Development House. This positioned him as one of South Africa’s first web gurus. As a consequence, he opened his own Internet business, webZONE, an Internet, Intranet and web CRM Consultancy in 1993 and which he has recently sold to one of his partners..

Adolph’s real genius, however, lies in his ability to inspire others to excel.

His chosen medium to do this is from the platform and classroom. He’s been speaking since 1983 … that’s a whopping 34 years!

Adolph cut his teeth in one of the most challenging speaking and leadership environments in the world, Toastmasters. Not only did he achieve its highest ranking, Distinguished Toastmaster in 1987, he went on to become Toastmaster of the Year in 1994. To crown an already illustrious Toastmasters career, he went on to win the African Speaking Championship in 1996. As a result, he represented South Africa at the World Championship of Public Speaking in the USA with his speech “The Choice is Yours”.

This speech is still the showstopper it was in 1996 and is as relevant today as it was then. Adolph is regularly asked to present this speech at conferences.

Adolph’s extensive business and speaking experience has more than adequately prepared him as a motivational/inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator. As a consequence he is comfortable in many speaking disciplines, including keynote addresses, workshops, training, facilitation, master of ceremonies, conference and meeting chairman and conference speaking.

He has more than 10 awe-inspiring keynote conference addresses, including his South African championship speech, The Choice are Yours.

He has an impressive arsenal of self-development courses including Achieving Personal Excellence and Presentation, Leadership, Management, Customer Service and Mentoring skills.

When Adolph is not speaking, nurturing leaders, training, mentoring others or developing other speakers, you’ll find him catching a movie or pursuing his other passion, cooking.