Fuelling the Fire

Fuelling the Fire! 

Many of my acquaintances and Mentees ask me why I continually go to meetings and events and webinars (especially free ones). Some even marvel at me spending quite a bit of time watching You-Tube videos of other speakers and trainers and TED talks.

Is this not a waste of Valuable Time? (often called the scarcest commodity these days) they ask and my reply is always the same.

We have to fuel the fires that drive us if we are to continue achieving our dreams.

In my line of business as a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Mentor people rely on me to achieve their own personal excellence and motivation and will to carry on or make it to the top of their mountain.

One of the principles I teach (preach) to my Supervisors, Mangers, Leaders and Mentees is ….
“When you are UP – Go DOWN    BUT When you are DOWN –GO UP”
This means that you enthuse others and give of yourself when you are feeling your best BUT when you are feeling less energised and down then go Up to your mentors and managers to get the issue sorted so that you do not pass on your ‘downness’ to those who rely on you to be their source of energy and enlightenment. A much easier explanation could be – Don’t spread the rot ;-).

In the past 10 days I have attended a Free Webinar by Niel Malan (a real marketing and business growth Guru) on Facebook Marketing Mastery – then I attended another Free Webinar with Jacques de Villiers (a Copy writer of note and s Sales consultant and trainer) on Creating Sales Magnets. Finally I attended the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter meeting (had to pay a small amount here) and listened to 3 excellent presentation by Colin Heaney (Drum Power), Colin Horner (Creating Pictures that Make Your Words Stick) and Cindy Alter (from the band Clout) on (No Substitute but to Drive and Thrive).

The Learnings –

  1. Finding new ways to market and sell my expertise and talents to my potential Clients and Audiences (the success of a business is in how well you market and sell – if you dint get this right you have no business!)
  2. Reinforcing the principle of Abundance – i.e. the more you give – the more you get.
  3. Getting Up when you hit the wall and don’t just get up to survive but get up to Thrive

The Net Result –

  1. Implementing (after some experimentation and learning a) Landing Page marketing and sales technology and strategies into my business.
  2. Creating Sales Lead Magnets from my 30 training courses.
  3. Deciding to stop thinking that I can retire and to start to Thrive again.
  4. Finally to start a new venture called —–PIFSRA – Pay It Forward and Social Responsibility Academy. (More Information on this in another post)

Finally – there are many Free and valuable resources toi you – just look for them and the MAKE THE TIME to attend and participate – you will be surprised how this will lite and fuel the fire in you to get going and Thrive

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