Where there is a WILL there is a way

Where there is a Will there is a Way
By Adolph P Kaestner
12 November 2015

In my primary Keynote Speech (I Can Is NOT Enough) I discuss the 3 stages of what it takes to achieve something – anything.

The First is to believe that I Can, the second is to have the intention to do so –I Will and the 3rd stage is to Say I Do and actually get out there and do it.

Listening to the news again this morning about the Fire in the Kya Sands squatter camp and the Water Crisis as a result of reservoirs running dry I reflect  on how a country like China has achieved more in 30 years than most countries have achieved in 300 years.

I just returned from a visit to China last Sunday and when people ask me how was the trip I can only answer with one word – Surprising.

You see I thought that I was going to visit and tour a country with over 6,500 of cultural history, typical Chinese houses, labourers tilling the fields and rice paddies etc. To my surprise what we saw was a series of ultra clean, modern cities like, New York, Sydney and ant ultra-modern large city in the west.

Was I disappointed? – Yes – because I wanted to go and experience a culture that has fascinated and interested me all my life – so going from one ultra-modern concrete jungle to the next was not what I had signed up for

But here’s the point – I was absolutely dumbfounded to find a country that has in 30 years built in excess of 50 million homes (some say a few 100 million) for its people to ensure all squatter camps are a thing of the past that has stepped up to ensure that the cities are clean – R5, 000 fine for littering – R 10, 000 for smoking in a non-smoking area.IMG_20151027_105526

Here at home we have done nothing of the sort – we have not used massive amounts of available money to build houses, electricity, water, health, safety, and jobs. Instead the people who promised to do so and who we voted in to do so have done nothing but fill their coffers, built their palaces and ignored, even shunned, the people who they are supposed to serve.

China after their revolution made a few decisions – We CAN do this, We WILL do this and they have gone out and DONE it. They work a minimum of 12 hours a day and some have more than one job – they are fit active and live to over a 100 years as a matter of course.

We know that they are busy colonising Africa and only yesterday I heard that SA is now going to be teaching Mandarin in our schools – are we going to give up our freedom to yet another colonial empire – I’m afraid we are already past the point of no return on this one

Mismanagement, incompetency and greed has robbed South Africa of the opportunity to be a real 1st world powerhouse – what a shame.

Come on South Africans lets not give up our land … let’s get leaders that will adopt the WE CAN — WE WILL and WE DO attitude and build the nation we all fought and prayed for in 1994.

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