Living the lessons you teach

Living the lessons you teach

The past 8 months have been ones where I have NOT been walking my talk.

What an admission to make for a motivational/inspirational keynote speaker you may say but hey we are not always perfect and things do go wrong even if we put on the “It’s all OK” face.

A fellow Mentor sent me this quotation by Phillip Adams this morning:-

The Future is not some place we are going to – but one we are creating
The Paths to it are made – not found and
The Activity for making them changes both the maker and the destination

Just after receiving this my sister shared a link to a You Tube clip tribute for Paul McCartney.

Last Saturday I achieved one more goal on my Dream Board when I was awarded the Stef du Plessis Founders Award (SdPFA) by the PSASA. This is the greatest honour bestowed on a member for outstanding commitment and contributions to the association.

These three items reminded me of the personal belief you have to have in your dreams and the tenacity and resilience one has to muster to make the future that we want – happen.

It isn’t going to happen if you don’t make it happen!

So next week I am going into “the bush” and there I want to take stock and review my dream board, remove some items achieved and add new ones and set new Actions to achieve the dreams I have and the future I want to live.

It’s always good to take stock, review and refocus and then get moving in the direction you want as otherwise you will die before you have lived your dream – and that would be a sad waste of time.

Why don’t you join me and review your dream board as well and let me know how it went?

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