What Speakers and Event Organisers should Do

One of my Professional Speaking colleagues just had a disaster at a conference he was speaking at . The reason was the Event organisers has employed a sound / data company to run the technical stuff . My Colleague did what all professional speakers do and checked with the engineers that all was working , sound checks etc – BUT when he went up to speak the engineers had forgotten the settings, plugged in the incorrect laptop etc etc. The result a disastrous start to a presentation and total aggravation for the paying audience.

Conference and Events Planners/Organisers miss the basic step of briefing the Speakers/ Presentersand Technical staff

They ASSUME (we all know what happens when one assumes anything) that the speakers will know what’s  happening and will hit the mark.

They also fail to ensure that the technical support team – Sound and Data projection – are actually competent and “experts” .

Often they are not but are used to save money on the cheapest quote basis. The result is that Murphy sets up his tent and reigns supreme

I provide a service of assisting both Speakers and Event Organisers with Mentoring and checking and honing of presentations and check lists and even hands on assistance  to ensure that Stage Setup, Audience Seating, equipment etc is correctly set up to ensure a professionally run conference with spot on presentations.


Regrettably most people are not willing to admit they need help and are not willing to pay for these services.

A few are – and just last week I assisted a presenter (business owner) with her presentation at an industry conference and the result was remarkable.

Her speaking slot 15 minutes at 4 pm – her original number of slides 24 all text based–  The final revised presentation was 5 slides (only one with text) and she got great feedback from audience afterwards– so a few more lives were saved from death by PowerPoint.

I have several check lists and briefing sheets  – similar to the Speakers and Presenters Technical Briefing Sheet in the resource section of my web site – Available here.

So yes there is a need for non-professional speakers and event organisers to not forget these basics.

I am very happy for Speakers/Presenters of the Conference Organisers call me so that I can assist them in ensuring they have a wow and not as deadly conference

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