Hope – Your Friend or Your Foe?

Hope – Your Friend or Your Foe?

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”
This is a quote by Albert Einstein – sounds great doesn’t it – pretty much the same as you hear from most preachers “ Where there is Hope there is Life!!” and  “Faith, Hope and Charity

They all sound great, makes one feel good and make one believe that things will be better tomorrow …… doesn’t it ? But is HOPE worth anything or just a pure waste of time, effort and energy?

I know of several people who started their businesses:-

  • Hoping that their dreams would come true
  • Hoping that their product or services will always be in demand
  • Hoping they will make their sales targets
  • Hoping that their suppliers will deliver on time
  • Hoping that that they get that tender deal
  • Hoping that …………..

One just has to look at the Lines at the Lotto Tills on Wednesdays and Saturdays and see how many people are “HOPING their ticket will win the Lotto”

I believe that HOPE and HOPING for things is in fact one of the reasons why people seldom achieve their dreams, seldom succeed at their endeavors, seldom realise their full potential and continue to live their lives in HOPE for something smarter and better ——– BUT more often than not end up dying – having hoped their lives away!

HOPE is, in my opinion, a great friend of the people that don’t want to get off their “A’s” and do something about their futures and their lives. HOPE in itself is a futile waste of energy and only lulls one into a false state of security and belief that somehow, somewhere there will come a Fairy Godmother or Fairy Godfather and just make things happen – IF WE HOPE ENOUGH!

The truth of the matter is that if we do not get going then nothing will get done and we will meet people that walk around and tell us they are HOPING that this and that will happen so that they can live the lives they dream of.

The only route to success and achievement is through ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION. If one reads the lives of any of the successful icons Like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and the like –we always hear them say that No amount of Conceptualising (dreaming), No amount of Strategising and Planning and Organising and Delegating and Marketing on their own will lead to success – The Key to all of the above turning into something is Action, Implementation  and Performance.   …………..Certainly NOT HOPING!

In South Africa in particular we have a rather sick “hand out” and “you owe me” and “minimalistic” mentality. Everybody just seems to want things handed to them on a plate and they believe they need to do the absolute minimum to get whatever they want. The less and the faster they can get it without doing the time and sweating the hard stuff the better.

So today I want to leave you with the message that whilst HOPE is good for the soul and helps to make one feel good and gives us that warm fuzzy feeling – if you want to achieve your dreams, be successful, have a thriving business, be a leader and a person others will look up to and be satisfied by the life you will lead, then you need to do a lot less HOPING and a lot more ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION in the right direction.

I submit to you that the word HOPE should be replaced by the word HELP

  • Help yourself learn something new every day
  • Help yourself understand your business better
  • Help your staff to be excellent at what they do
  • Help your customers by providing solutions to their real needs
  • Help your business to deliver – always and on-time and in-budget
  • Help others achieve their goals and you will achieve yours
  • Help …………

Have a year of excellence  by Helping Not Hoping!!

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