Gifts – Do you know what yours are?

Gifts! – Do you know what yours are?

As Mentors  we often have to assist our mentees identify their “Gifts”  as I find that too many people actually do not know and have not identified their Natural / God Given “Gifts” – also known as “Talents”.

I find it rather amazing that people will spend all their lives doing things other than where their natural talents/gifts are and wonder why they are unhappy or not as successful as others who do.

Every one of us is born with some or other natural Gift and ability to do something so well that we more often than not don’t even have to spend time learning the skill – it’s just there. For some it may be the ability to Sing like a lark, play a Musical Instrument, Paint, be a natural Sportsman or Athlete. For others it may be a gifted Voice for Speaking and Training or it may be the gift of being able to Sew, Knit, Bake, Mathematics, Listening or Story Telling etc.

Whatever it is — I have yet to find a person that has no gift or natural talent at all. – We are all blessed with at least One Special Gift/Talent!!!

When I do my Achieving Personal Excellence Workshops and or one–on –one Mentoring I spend quite a bit of time working with the people to identify these gifts and talents. Once done it is much easier to assist them in finding their values and purpose and hey once we have found these 3 elements then setting Life and Work Goals and creating action plans becomes a much easier exercise.

The one thing I have found is that very few (less than 10%) of the people I have worked with are actually working with their Gift /Talent. Once identified almost every one of them would want to and recognises that if they did more of that then they would be happier.

We all know that 75% of our Awake Time (i.e.12 of the 16 hours we are awake) is spent working every day and if we are unhappy doing what we are doing then we become very miserable people. However for those of us who work and use our Gifts and Talents all day long work is more like a hobby and generally we are far happier people. What can be greater than having a hobby and getting paid for it at the same time – it almost sounds illegal to me ;-).

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