Is it a Conference, WorkShop, Seminar?


A brief intensive course or series of meetings for a small group of people, emphasising interaction, exchange of information and problem solving among the participants. (Interaction and group participation is the key differentiator)


A meeting for the exchange of ideas where the seminar leader presents information to a small, medium or large group of people with a minimal amount of interaction between them. (One-to-many information transfer)


A meeting for the interchange of opinions where there is usually more than one speaker presenting a paper or address to a larger audience on similar subject matter or a common theme. (Many-to-many information transfer) (Interaction between the audience members and the speakers is minimal)


A Conference to discuss matters of strategic importance


A Meeting of leaders when an important issue needs to be resolved


A Conflict resolution meeting where everybody has the same authority
Also sometimes used to describe a group Brainstorm Session


Solving problems with the community.


“We are who we are through other people”
It means respecting the dignity of all people, no matter how humble and our actions must reflect this concern for the wider community

One thought on “Is it a Conference, WorkShop, Seminar?”

  • Thank you Adolph, this is a good explanation of the terms that often get confused and used interchangeably. If we don’t have them clear in our minds – both as presenters and delegates, then there will be disappointment when the level of participation is not as expected.

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