January 12, 2010

Presentation Skills

Speaking and Presentation Skills

Everyone can learn to Speak and Present with Success !!

Whilst some people have the gift of a strong voice they too have to learn how to speak and present to be successful.

I believe that there are 6 Phases to learning these skills and these are summarised below:-

  1. Phase 1.- Speech and Presentation Writing and Development
    These are the critical non-speaking skills – the planning process – the Audience Analysis etc Without this foundation step most speeches and presentations don’t make the grade and fall into the same old same old boring speeches we hear too often.
  2. Phase 2.- The Speaking Skills
    These are Basic Speaking  and Presentation Skills – Understanding and Practising the elements of speaking, voice projection and rhythm, nerves, body language, movement, eye contact, notes etc leads to audiences listening to the speaker rather than falling asleep or getting involved in other things such as social media toys.
  3. Phase 3 – Presentation Skills
    This phase is usually where most people start developing and writing their speeches and its due to this that we have developed a whole new cult of “Death By PowerPoint” presenters.

    The Presentation skills differ from Oratorical Verbal Speeches because they include the use of PowerPoint (or similar tools), Using Props, Data Projectors, and many other presentation tools. This enables the Presenter to engage with the audience using more than one medium and greatly enhances the strength of the message and its retention by the audience.

  4. Phase 4 – Multimedia Presentations
    Using Sound, Video, Audio Clips, Microphone Techniques, Stage Management and all the other multimedia tools as part of a presentation further enhances the Audiences experience and, if done well, will make the difference between a good and a Great experience for all.
  5. Phase 5 – Special Speech and Presentation Skills
    Such as Sales Presentations , Technical Presentations , Sales Elevator Speeches, The Sales Proposal, Presenting Reports & Budgets, Boardroom Presentations, Financial Presentations, Speaking on TV etc  all require specialised speaking and presentation skills if they are to achieve their purpose without boring the audiences to death.
  6. 6. Phase 6 – Training and Facilitation Skills
    Once one has mastered the basics of Speaking and Presenting many opportunities open up. The most common is that of running training sessions and facilitating meetings and workshops Both of these disciplines require different knowledge and skills as they need to encompass adult learning psychology and dynamics.

Based on these Phases I have developed specific workshops for each Phase and deliver these either individually or as a combination of some or all depending on the needs of the Company, Organisation, group or as public courses.

Details of the different training courses are available on my Adolph Events web site or you can send me a mail and I will furnish you with the information based on your needs.