January 12, 2010


Adolph Kaestner has been on the speaking and training circuit since 1992 and has presented over 2,000 Speeches and 800 Workshops and Seminars to 1,000’s of people.

With a 30 year track record in the Financial Services Industry at all levels of Management and Leadership as well as Heading up the Southern African District of an International Voluntary Organisation,  Dolf brings with him a host of practical, workable solutions to add value to the audiences he shares his knowledge with.

And Share he Does! – The “Have to Knows”, The “Good to Knows” and the “Nice to Knows” – A Totally Unselfish Giver.

It’s not just lecturing when Dolf presents/trains – He leaves you and your team with a PRACTICAL “HOW TO” so that the Value and Benefits to the Audience are Usable and Ongoing.

Dolf’s ability to:
captivate an audience
* lead people to achieve
* see the positive in situations
* find  and create solutions
* inspire and motivate others
* laugh at himself
makes his workshops and training interventions highly enjoyable and fun experiences for all.

At the same time he adds massive doses of value and material that can be used and implemented immediately by all the delegates attending.

But beware – Adolph is a High Energy presenter and the and there will be no time to sleep in these workshops.