January 12, 2011

Keynotes – overview

Keynote Speeches are the ones that Speakers usually present at the Opening or Closing of a Conference.

They are usually either Motivational or Inspirational and if the Speaker and Event Organiser have done thier homework the Keynote speech should be tailored to suit the audience and the organisations needs.

Keynote Address Duration
See your Future – Make it Happen 90 mins
 The Edge 90 mins
 The Choice is Yours  1 hour
 Me the Flea 1 hour
 Dare to Dream 1 hour
 Coping with Change  90 mins
 Service Delivery: Dialogue  90 mins
 Dolphin Magic  1 hour

Keynote speeches are usually One Hour (60 minutes) long. The can usually be shortened to 40 minutes or extended to 90 minutes depending on the events needs and timetable. However some speeches are more difficult to edit and this should be discussed between the speaker and the event planners beforehand.

Most Professional Speakers typically have a few well developed and rehearsed keynotes in their portfolio.

The core to a great keynote speech is the take home value for the audience.
It is not enough to merely “Rah Rah” the audience for a few minutes / hours and then to be forgotten. It is therefore important to ensure that the keynote is both relevant and has value that the audience can used in the short and long term. After all the conference organiser is paying good money for a keynote and should get their moneys worth.

I have developed several Keynote speeches over the years and short summaries of the more popular ones are on this web site for youtr perusal and evaluation. Should you however require something different from  these please give me a call and we can see if I either have a suitable talk not listed here or can develop one for you. If I cannot I am sure to know somebody who can and will then pass you on to them .

I look forward to working with you and your teams/audiences in the near future.