May 18, 2017

I Am Your Customer

I Am Your Customer  

“Winning, Wowing and Retaining Your Customers”

“Customer Satisfaction is no longer good enough –
We need to “Delight” them to gain and retain them”

Executive Summary 

Without Customers to sell our products and services to – we have no business!

South Africa is regrettably known for its Poor Customer Service Ethic rather than its great customer service/customer delight experiences.

In today’s competitive environment, where all products and services are under pressure to get to market quicker, “Customer Delight” is the competitive differentiator as companies, large and small, seek to provide superior customer experiences that drive customer loyalty and retention.

The Core of “Customer Delight” is the quality of the customer service.

This Presentation or Seminar will show you how to orchestrate your customer’s experiences with your organisation through cross-channel touch-points into an unforgettable experience.

Who Should Attend

All People who interact with customers/clients.

All staff at all levels responsible for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fulfilment
  • Service Delivery
  • Help Desk Staff
  • Telephonists
  • Security Guards
  • Business Owners (SMME’s) who want to learn about the Customer Differential

Typical Events  

  • Customer Service workshop
  • Staff Conference for Supervisors, Managers, Front Line Staff
  • Sales and Service Conventions
  • Organisational events – e.g – Chambers of Commerce Meetings ; Rotary , Round Table , Probis meetings.


This is a 60 Minute Talk / Presentation
It can be extended to a ½ day Seminar

What Delegates Will Learn

  • Who Is the Customer
  • Understanding Customer Wants and Needs
  • The Business Formula
  • Who Pays Their Salaries
  • Service vs. Relationships
  • Customer Expectations
  • Customer Touch Points
  • Attitude
  • 8 Customer Service “Rules”
  • Creating Customer Delight

What Event Organiser Will Gain

  • Energised and Motivated Staff
  • New Focus on Customer Service and Delivery
  • New Focus on Customer Delight
  • Imprioved Sales
  • Improved Referrals

Next Steps 

  • The one hour talk can be extended to a half day morning workshop.