January 12, 2010

Free Resources

In addition to the articles and Blog posts, I will also include in this section some Forms, Documents, Booklets e-Books in PDF format that are not suitable for general non formatted articles. There will also be some Audio Flies

I invite you to please submit suggestions to me on subjects for Articles and Blog posts which you want to hear about and I will do my best to respond and post them for the benefit of all members of this community.

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PDF Booklets / e-Books
 See your Future Book Cover See Your Future  – Make It Happen
A Mentors Guide to helping you assess where you are right Now, Determine where you want to be and then an action plan to help you get there.This is presented as a 90 Minute Keynote, Half Day workshop and Full day workshop
 Adolph’s Keynote Speeches to Motivate and Inspire your teams and audiences  Writing Coming Soon
 Speaking and Presenting for Success

  • The 5 Phases of becoming a great speaker,presenter and communicator.
  • 13 Tips to Great Speech Making and Presentations
  • The 11 Must Do’s for Business Presentations
 Writing Coming Soon
 Becoming a Professional Speaker  Writing Coming Soon
  Speakers Venue and Microphone Briefing – Check List
A check list for speakers to ensure that they take into account all the elements that will influence their stage performance
APK Training Briefing FormA simple check list form to get details for doing an in-house training intervention  PDF
Workshop Outlines
Present for Success 3 Day WorkshopThe Outline for a very comprehensive Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop.It also indicates the additional Phases that can be added to the 3 day workshop to make it into a 5 day Master Class  PDF
 Audio Clips
 Against All Odds

This is the speech (7 minutes) I presented in 1996 at the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking – It was inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela at that time shortly after SA became a democracy.Now 17 years later to remember him again and what he meant to me specifically I am pleased to share this with you. I did not win that contest but I was so proud to tell the story and be a South African that winning was in fact the 2nd prize.