January 12, 2010



I believe that the key to ones success if the Learning’s we do ourselves + the Hard work we put into what we do + the Guidance we receive and use from others who have done the job before us. If one is not too proud to apply all 3 these steps then my experience has shown me that success is quite easily achieved.


The problem often comes with the Guidance issue – people are either too proud to ask or take advise and see this as a weakness on the one hand and then again there are those who don’t want to share their knowledge and experiences for the fear that they may be giving away some perceived advantage they have by retaining this experience. Both cases are very sad and counterproductive.


I define Mentoring as that process by which the Mentor Shares his/her Knowledge, Skills, Experiences, Talents and T-Shirts with the Mentee so as to assist the Mentee in learning to do the task or job more efficiently and to make the Mentee more effective. without having to go through the whole learning curve of making the same mistakes others had to, to learn the best practices for doing the desired task/job.


This differs from the relatively new disciplines of Coaching and certainly differs from Counselling and Therapy which are more in the realms of Psychology and Psychiatry. These deal with the softer issues that a person may be wanting to master whereas mentoring, in my opinion, deals with the hard core facts of the Where, the What the Why, the When, the Who and the How of getting a job done.

To this end I offer Mentoring Services to those in need of my Knowledge, my Past Experience, my Talents and my Skills in areas where I have been successful and know that I can assist the Mentees in these areas.
I offer the following Mentoring Interventions


Virtual Mentoring (e-Mentoring)
This is mentoring over the internet chat rooms, e-Mail , Skype Chat and or Skype Video.etc..


Group Mentoring
I sometimes have two or more Mentees requiring mentoring on the same issue at the same time. In that case I sometimes run a group mentoring session for up to 8 people (Min 4 per session)


Face to Face Mentoring
This is one-on-one private session mentoring .


Public Seminars/Workshops.
From time to time I run public seminars /workshops on different subjects which often form part of the Mentees learning needs.
All Mentees that I am working with can attend these sessions at a 40% discount in fees.


Some Areas where I have been mentoring Individuals are:

  • Speaking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speech Writing
  • Becoming a Professional Speaker
  • Starting your own business
  • Web Site Strategies
  • Personal Life Plan Strategies & Actions
  • Marketing
  • Leadership Strategies and Action Plans
  • Re-engineering your business
  • Teamwork
  • I look forward to working with you