January 12, 2010


I am a Professional Speaker, Motivator, Trainer and Mentor.

I have been involved in the Mentoring world for the past 27 years as a Mentor, Mentee, Programme Co-ordinator. Programme Champion. Mentor and Mentee Trainer and Implementer.

I believe mentoring is the key to success for both Individuals and Businesses alike and that in South Africa Mentoring is the primary way in which people and business will achieve their goals.

I accordingly have focussed on helping people grow to beyond their perceived maximum potential by introducing them to the best ways of Finding Mentors and Mentees and helping them understand how to use and not abuse the special relationship that forms when they work together.

In doing so I also help companies and Government departments in realising their goals, increasing staff morale and maximising performance.

I am now taking this offering public and virtual and in so doing I plan to contribute to the betterment of all those who wish to achieve and realise their full potential and then some.