June 11, 2017


So what is P.I.F.S.R.A.? – I hear you asking.

Pay It Forward & Social Responsibility Academy

“You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
Khalil Gibran

  • Simply put it is an Academy of learning for those who want to learn something new or develop a skill or get guidance in a specific area of interest to them.
  • It will be open to all those who belong to communities (e.g. Church Congregations, Community Groups etc.)
  • Where there are sufficient (usually 20+) people interested and committed to learning and developing themselves on a specific subject.
  • The Communities
    • Will be purely non-profit organisations
    • Will be responsible for the logistics (e.g. Venue, tea coffee and water only)
    • Advertising and promoting the events to their community members,
    • Taking and passing on booking to me,
    • Having a representative there on the day to assist with any issues etc.
    • Within a reasonable distance for me to travel
  • The Delegates / Attendees
    • Can be from any group – zero restrictions
    • But you must belong to the community organising/ hosting the events.
    • You must be keen to learn and determined to implement what you have learnt – Action and Implementation is the key
    • As almost all the sessions will be centred on more adult learning the minimum entry standard is that you must be in Matric or past that (let’s say 17 years +)
    • You must bring along your own Pen, Paper or device where you will make your notes – if you don’t make notes you won’t learn and have reference afterwards – there will be no handouts of notes (cost money and most people turf them anyway)
    • You will need to bring your own lunch box – no food or snacks will be provided.
    • You will be responsible for your own transport to and from the venue.
    • NB – If you book you must attend – no-shows will not be allowed into future events – honour your commitments is key.

So W.I.I.F.Y (what’s in it for you)

  • You get the opportunity to learn something or get someone else’s knowledge and experience in a mutually supportive environment
  • You get to develop your own personal excellence
  • You short-circuit your learning and development journey or hone your skills

So W.I.I.F.C. (what’s in it for the community or group)

  • Offer a value add to the group’s members

So W.I.I.F.M (what’s in it for me)

  • It is my way of Paying It Forward
  • It is part of my Social Responsibility work.
  • There is no reason or point that I should die with all the knowledge and experience I have without sharing it with others.

So what are the Costs – (The Big Elephant in the room question?)

  • For the Organisations hosting the events – the venue costs, tea coffee and water, advertising and promoting the events to their members.
  • For Me – No Charges for my time, sharing my knowledge and experience with you.
  • For other Presenters I may source and who may volunteer – same as me
  • For the delegates – your time and commitment to learn and action the learnings you receive.
  • Donations – for those who want and can afford to make a donation to defray presenters travelling / material costs – that will be great – but no obligations.

So who am I?

My name is Adolph Kaestner (also known as Dolf or Kassie)

I am a Professional Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Mentor and Author.

My background and corporate experiences come from the banking sector where I worked for 30 years from making tea to a Senior Divisional Head Manager.

I have involved in Public Speaking, Training, Mentoring since 1983 (34 years) and have been in my own business for the past 14 years.

You can see more details on my –
Web Site  www.adolph.co.za
Faceboook @adolphkaestnerspeaker
Linked-in  https://www.linkedin.com/in/adolph/

So What Topics are on offer –

Some short (2 hours), medium (1/2 to one day) and longer (2 to 3 days) courses.

  1. See Your Future – Make It Happen!
    The key fundamentals of knowing who you are, where you are at, where you want to go and how to get there.
    Without this understanding of yourself it is so much more difficult to achieve your dreams and achieve personal excellence.
  2. Public Speaking Skills (ABC) (the foundation for all speeches and presentations)
  3. Presentation Skills (DEF) ( Stage 2 – using presentation tools to enhance your message)
  4. Advanced Speaking and Presentation (using Multimedia, Microphones etc.)
  5. Facilitating Skills (getting groups involved in finding solutions and sharing)
  6. From Speaker to Presenter
  7. From Speaker to Trainer
  8. Train The Trainer
  9. Supervisory and Management Skills
  10. The 15 Q’s of Leadership
  11. Change Catalyst and Management
  12. Performance Management
  13. Other ???…………………
  14. 9 Motivational Sessions / Keynotes for community events

So are you Interested?

If so please respond to this posting –

  1. Let me know if you are an organisation and a bit about you and your community.
  2. If you are an individual, what topics you are interested in and to what community you belong.

Let’s see how I can assist you in your quest to fulfil your dreams like I have been privileged to do

Chat soon