Keeping Promises – What is 100%?

Keeping Promises – what is 100% By; Adolph Kaestner I was chatting to a friend and colleague about finding the right people to do a job and how difficult this has become. The number of times people “commit / agree” to do something and then just don’t deliver without even a warning or a call[…]

CHANGE – We hate it – But we need it !

“Change is not merely necessary to life — It is life!” Alvin Toffler Every year all good businesses Micro, Small, Medium and Large look at what has happened in the past year/years and tries to predict what they want to achieve in the coming year/years. –Well at least I trust they all do otherwise they[…]

Gifts – Do you know what yours are?

Gifts! – Do you know what yours are? As Mentors  we often have to assist our mentees identify their “Gifts”  as I find that too many people actually do not know and have not identified their Natural / God Given “Gifts” – also known as “Talents”. I find it rather amazing that people will spend[…]

Professionalism and Standards – How do you stack up?

Professionalism and Standards – How do you stack up? Two very interesting concepts that most people in business believe they deliver but which most customers/clients complain about. So why is there a disconnect between the Provider and the Receiver? Let’s look at the two concepts: Professionalism, in its simplest form, merely means that a person[…]

Personal Excellence is the Key

Most people I deal with all seem to either Wish or Hope that something will happen that will make them successful in life. What a waste of time !!- there can be no greater waste of time and energy than wishing and hoping! The Key to success and achievement has to be the Development of[…]