Gifts – Do you know what yours are?

Gifts! – Do you know what yours are? As Mentors  we often have to assist our mentees identify their “Gifts”  as I find that too many people actually do not know and have not identified their Natural / God Given “Gifts” – also known as “Talents”. I find it rather amazing that people will spend[…]

Are you a Professional ?

Are you a Professional? Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Entertainer I receive at least 3 enquiries a week from people wanting to know what it takes to be a Professional Speaker. They are either aspiring speakers wanting to get into the business or they are people already speaking with some skill (e.g. well seasoned Toastmasters[…]

Professionalism and Standards – How do you stack up?

Professionalism and Standards – How do you stack up? Two very interesting concepts that most people in business believe they deliver but which most customers/clients complain about. So why is there a disconnect between the Provider and the Receiver? Let’s look at the two concepts: Professionalism, in its simplest form, merely means that a person[…]

Setting Goals or Taking Poison – Which is Easier???

Most of the people I work with think that Setting Goals is about as bad a public Speaking or Taking Poison. They hate the concept because it reminds them of Targets and KPA’s and Work and Performance Assessments and most importantly Failure.  This is a common issue and they would rather not set the goal[…]

Is it a Conference, WorkShop, Seminar?

Workshop A brief intensive course or series of meetings for a small group of people, emphasising interaction, exchange of information and problem solving among the participants. (Interaction and group participation is the key differentiator) Seminar A meeting for the exchange of ideas where the seminar leader presents information to a small, medium or large group[…]

Personal Excellence is the Key

Most people I deal with all seem to either Wish or Hope that something will happen that will make them successful in life. What a waste of time !!- there can be no greater waste of time and energy than wishing and hoping! The Key to success and achievement has to be the Development of[…]