January 12, 2011


General Introduction

 Our speaker today is Adolph P. Kaestner (pronounced Kesner),

A Proudly South African  – Master  Motivator,  Trainer and Mentor.

For more than 28 years, Dolf has helped other people excel by helping them find their passion and take responsibility for their own success … making their lives and organisations more productive.

 Dolf has delivered his messages of personal self development to more than 20,000 people worldwide. His credentials include several senior management positions with First National Bank for whom he worked for 30 years,

An ardent Toastmaster, he has achieved its highest award, Distinguished Toastmaster and as Southern Africa’s Champion Speaker in 1996, competed in the World Championships of Public Speaking in the USA. He also led the Southern African Toastmasters to Select Distinguished Status (no7 worldwide) as its District Governor.

 Dolf is a founder and member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa, a founder member of the United Professional Sales Association of South Africa and a practitioner member of COMENSA – Coaches and Mentors South Africa.

 When Dolf is not helping other people excel, you’ll find him pursuing one of his other passions – Cooking, Travelling or listening to Self Development  CD’s.

 His topic today is:………………………………………………………………………………..

 Get ready to “Do It With Passion” …                                                               
Ladies and Gentleman please help me welcome from Johannesburg, South Africa
Adolph P. Kaestner (Kesner)






Toastmasters Specific Introduction

 Our speaker today is Adolph P. Kaestner (pronounced Kesner),

 Adolph (Dolf) joined Toastmasters in 1983 (The NIB Club) and has been one of the movements faithful supporters and advocates ever since. He is currently a member of The Sages Toastmasters Club in Johannesburg and has had unbroken membership for the past 27 years.

 He soon became known as the “Young Turk” who challenged every convention and rule and led by example in completing his CTM (15 assignments) in the first year of being a member, and Completed his ATM (15 assignments) in the next year whilst serving as both Club President and Area Governor. He completed his DTM in 4 years and 1 week and lay to rest the previous D74 norm of taking 8 years to do so.

  Not satisfied with the way the movement was going in Southern Africa at the time he “put his money – and time – where his mouth is” and got seriously involved in the running of the District soon after becoming a member.

 Over  the next 10 Years Dolf stayed involved in all aspects of District Administration and as District Governor in 1988/89 he led the Southern African Toastmasters to Select Distinguished Status (no7 worldwide).

  In 1992 he decided to get involved on the Profession Speaking Circuit and just to prove his credentials he entered and won the D74 International Speaking Contest in 1996 and competed in the World Championships of Public Speaking in the USA.

 Some of his Toastmaster Accomplishments and Awards Include:

  • CTM (x11), ATM-g, CL, DTM
  • D74 – Area Governor of the Year (1985/86)
  • ICSA Administrators Trophy (1986/87)
  • District Governor 1988/89 – (Select Distinguished District – #7)
  • Dean of  D74 Toastmasters Academy (1993-1996)
  • D74 – Toastmaster of the Year (1994/95) 
  • D74 Speech Champion 1996
  •  D74 Evaluation Contest 1st Place– and D74 Impromptu Contest 3rd Place  – in 1997
  • D74 TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) Trainer – 2003 to date
  • Mentor to Several Toastmasters and District Officers
  • In fact Dolf is the Most “Decorated” Toastmaster in District 74’s 31 history so far.

 His topic today is: