Stakeholder or Bystander

Are you a Stakeholder or a Bystander?

I was chatting to a friend and fellow Professional Speaker Jacques de Villiers this morning.
The subject was the lack of Pride in what we are seeing people delivering in the work place.

We were discussing how no one seems to want to take ownership of any customer or even internal issues that arise — all they seem to do is passing the Hot Potato from one person to the next — and as fast as possible.
At no point does a person say OK – Thank you for raising this – I will be passing it onto XYZ who are of experts in this matter …..and (here are the magical words) I will follow up wit you (the customer) tomorrow to see that the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.

I, just 10 days ago, had occasion to buy online a data Bundle (5gb) from FNB Connect – switched on the modem and PC and Phone and within 24 hours the 5gb were used up – No ways as this usually lasts 10 days. Because I needed to be online I purchased another 5GB at 15h00 on a Sunday afternoon – The Next morning there was zero data left (no downloads – no movies – just mail and some banking and some WhatsApp chatting).

So here comes the run around – over two hours trying to get hold of an agent at FNB Connect to help me – spoke to 5 people with no success. Wrote to my Private Banker online and got “I will follow up” – but to date no response and or solution.

The example above I can repeat in almost every industry and place I happen to be – from restaurants, to Ster-Kinekor theatres, to small handyman businesses and corporates ……..

So, Jacques and I were unpacking this phenomenon – He has even better stories to tell.

I then remembered the time when I personally was working my but off in the Bank (same FNB) and was feeling that I was being used and abused because of my ongoing need to deliver whatever was asked for. I was a WORKaholic by my own choice. But believed I was “owed” more.It dawned on me that I felt this way because I was feeling like someone else’s property or resource to boss around as they wished. This was the turning point.

I took some of my savings and purchased 500 FNB Shares. Hey that’s not much but to me at the time it was.

It was from then onwards that I did not begrudge any of the work I was doing, the number of hours I spent of my own time making sure I delivered what I said I would. You see from that day onwards I became a Stakeholder — an Owner –and I was no longer “a worket” working for a boss.

I was selling my Expertise, Time and Knowledge to the Bank. I was my own business and I delivered service to whoever was buying my services to my and not anybody else’s standards.

The issue I believe is that 90% of the people are in jobs, working for a boss. They do just enough to keep out of trouble and when its time to go they go. They even take up smoking so that they can take smoke breaks outside — this was told to me just 7 days ago when I saw someone standing outside her office where all hell was breaking loose. Wow – what happened – it looks like the minimalist work and maximum expected handout mentality is now the norm – What a disaster!

So, what is the answer? – here is one suggestion:
I believe that All businesses should create a share pool and that they hand to the staff.
The Business determines a desired profit number for the year and agrees that anything beyond that figure is shared 50/50 with the staff based on shares earned.
The Staff cannot on-sell their shares and have to sell them back to the company only if they leave ands only whenb they leave — not to go on holiday etc..

This turns the tables on ALL who are part of the business (from the Security Guard to the CEO)
All of a sudden there are no employees / staff in the company and only stakeholders.

Me thinks they will have a different attitude to coming to and delivering service to THEIR OWN customers who are actually the people who pay their salaries.

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