1 or 1,000 Which is better?

1 or 1,000

One of the most common debates that take place in any speakers training /developments is around the subject.  “How often should I speak?”

There are pretty well two schools of thought:

  • The First is the –  Go Slow / Take your Time and Work at your own Pace
  • The Second is the – Go for it- at least one or two a month minimum

I am a champion of the second group for the following reasons:-

  • Most people that go to places to learn to speak and gain confidence are Presentation Avoiders and whilst they want to learn will find every excuse in the books (plus some new ones) to avoid having to prepare and present.
  • The longer the breaks between presentations the more one regresses and has to re-learn all the skills and courage you mastered the last time you spoke.
  • Skills are only learnt and mastered through practice
  • Practice and familiarity build confidence
  • Confidence helps master fear
  • Fear mastery helps channelling energy in the right direction
  • Channelled energy aids super speeches & presentations.
  • Learning by doing is essential to good public speaking – just listening is not enough
  • Regular (spaced) repetition is the most powerful way to learn and make a skill a habit
  • Once a habit you can start learning how to streamline speech techniques and make it perfect

I maintain that too be a good and confident speaker/presenter/trainer you need to do at least one speaking assignment a month .

You need to become a Presentation Seeker and not an Avoider and this means engineering events in such a way that you present at least One Formal (Prepared) and at least One Informal (Impromptu) speech a month. Be it in your work and/or social environment.

Remember the true benefit of speech and presentation skills learning and development does not lie in the qualification at the end of the course – This is merely the Learners License that gives you the confidence to get into the speaking and presentation skills that you will need to succeed in business..

Remember – If you do 1,000 speeches – the last 100 are bound to be pretty darn good.

So make sure you always have a speech ready in your pocket that you can present as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Happy talking and may the Passion to Present and excel engulf and motivate you!

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